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PPC Campaign Manager

Position Available

A leading Fintech Company is looking for a PPC campaign Manager, experienced with campaigns, planning, analyzing, and optimizing Facebook Ads activities.

Ability to control costs and return on investment (ROI)

Analyse and monitor advertising and media trends,
while drawing real-time conclusions and performing benchmarks

Optimize programs and budgets according to the most profitable media mix Prepare schedules and adjust them if necessary

Leading and briefing teams to replicate successful campaigns


* Two years or more experience
in Facebook and Google Analytics required!

* Creative, with thinking ability outside the box,
with a deep understanding of design

* Experience in articles such as
e-commerce/ trading platforms/ 
online gaming/ FX/ casino/ green cards

* Organized with the ability to work with multiple tasks
and attention to detail

* Team Player with the ability to work independently
without the need for close supervision and monitoring

* High-level English required!

* The position is intended for both women and men.

PPC Campaign Manager: Careers
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